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David O'Brien
Products have to create their own momentum. Releasing several related sets together is a good idea. Drip feeding over several years (decades)or stopping soon after a launch is fairly typical in plastic 1/72nd scale figure ranges and of course does make the era seem unpopular. The American Civil War is attractive to all figure collectors for lots of reasons which I think have been comprehensively discussed in several forums. Great contemporary photos, excellent research, myths galore, paunchy re enactors etc ACW has lots to offer. Raiders like Quantrill, Jayhawkers and Bushwhackers are rarely tackled. Did somebody write it was a gentlemanly war? Read on. Plenty of small scale actions though. Like most things the more you know about it the better it gets. There was the PBS The Civil War in which you could immerse yourself (doze off) in the subject. I seem to think each episode of 9 was titled by a quotation and had more fame in the speaking parts than the academy awards and now it has been sharpened up,4K etc. So worthy you became a PhD by mental osmosis. The World at War , The Great War and The Civil War the war docu triumvirate.
If they don't sell well we should all start baking hot cakes*.

*Barm cake is like a bun or bap or a bread roll esp in Lanky land. Oat Cake is like a pancake but made of oats. So in English cake is not just a sweet thing. Eef it wer code theed have an 'ottun. A trifle parky so I will opt for something more warming.

There are plenty of examples of compassionate acts between enemies. With "gentleman's war" I meant that the ACW was still fought "as an old war" yet it was the first of the new wars. On both sides sharpshooting was disliked and considered dishounarable, Lt Cushing wrote letters about not shooting at wounded, retreating troops etc. Honour was definitely still a word with meaning during the ACW.


2 days left on an ebay us auction for strelets confederate staff.bidding is up to 35.00 usd.i think there is demand for acw,at least for strelets sets.


My two hopes for this new resurgence by Strelets:
*Other companues make more ACW sets when rhey notice the success.
*Strelets produce more ACW sets, Zouave sets with turbans, kepi, hats and fez. Sets with Hardee hats, berdan sharpshooters, frock coats and so on....