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Re: large roman army: almost a thousand miniatures painted

Paul K.
Dear Chariobaude,
Amazing work, you are a very gifted artist, I have a few questions for you:

What brand of paints are you using to paint your figures and what kind of a
camera (cellphone?) are you using to take the pictures with?

Paul K.

Hello, thank you for such nice words !

1. i use Prince August for those figs. I know that there is consensus among miniature lovers on Vallejo, but i use this brand for years now and i'm very happy with it.

2. Yes, i took the picture with my old iPhone, and this is a problem : close ups are a bit fuzzy, but the main problem is the depth of field. !it is very hard to take pics of a big army.
For instance i tried with more of less 500-600 roman legionnaires here : and i'm not very happy with the result.

I'll retry later (but with more troops), and more elements of decoration (i've now more than 40 trees for example...).