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Re: chidits (WWII US Artillery servants?)

Some guns would be nice too!

Re: chidits

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong overdue!

Re: chidits

This sounds like an excellent development. At last with Strelets and Haron we are getting so many WWII sets of much neglected warriors who deserve their place in our hobby. One set I would really hope for is BEF 1940 British, which I think is a reasonable request and would sell well. My other thought would probably not be as popular but I would love to see Dutch troops for 1940 as well.

Re: chidits

Chidits would be awesome, right now the only small scale figures I have of these guys are the Warlord Games metal version in 28mm. These troops had a very colorful history and a very important impact on the war, so their representation in 1/72 plastic is long overdue!