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Re: "The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

Dear Pedro, I'm glad you enjoy those classic films also. I agree, the 1966 Beau Geste is my favorite of them. I have a T.V. version on VHS from England, but the DVD's are not for Region 1 (US) and they are BlueRay (my machine is region free but not BlueRay). So careful Gentlemen.

Dear Bert, I'm looking forward to the Big Box to reinact the movie The War Lord. Hudson & Allen makes a couple of Medieval Towers / Keep. The nice looking one is solid, so I'm still looking to make my own so it can have some rooms, etc. inside, and a gate that opens.

OK, thank you both Pedro and Bert and have fun!

Re: "The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

I think The Warlord has allways been one my Favourites apart from that its the only film I know of that shows a Germanic warrior wearing the Thorsberg helmet or at least something based upon it, theres certainly weirder helmets they could have chosen....