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"The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

I once again find myself thanking Strelts-R for fulfilling my life-long dream of reliving the make-believe battle scenes from a very happy childhood time. In 1965 my Mother took me to the movie theatre to see the latest Chuck Heston release. After buying Coca Cola and a 35 Cent hot buttered popcorn bucket, we settled into the move with eyes wide open; both of us ...

Guy Stockwell setting the opening theme ...

"From here to the sea, we are pilgrims to nowhere, and we have arrived!"

If you love Classic movies, great stories, lots of fighting, and absolutely no computer graphics to muddy scenes, this 1965 movie AND Strelets "Norman Army Camp" plus some extra Norman Sets will totally get you into reliving some of the most awesome hand-to-hand sword fighting scenes ever.

Thanks to Strelets-R, for the first time in my five decades of life, I can finally relive this awesome movie in 1/72 scale military miniatures on my real Desk (table) Top!

Airfix gave me the "Beau Geste" movie "Fort Sahara" Playset from the 1966 movie with Guy Stockwell and Telly Savallas, and the "Fort Apache" Playset with Henry Fonda and John Wayne from 1948. And now Strelets-R has picked up the banner. Strelets gives us everything but the Playset Castle Keep. Other companies already make this for is to purchese separately.

"The War Lord", a 1965 movie starring:

Charlton Heston "The Man!" who succeeded Henry Wilcoxin below
Richard Boone "Every Man's Man"
Rosemary Forsyth "The Girl worth dying for"
Guy Stockwell "The Geste" of the 1966 Beau Geste Movie
Henry Wilcoxin "The Man!" of the generation before Chuck Heston

I can't wait to buy this new Big Box Set and relive my childhood movie experience of the most cool S*R Normans in the nicest Silver color ever (Durn - wish the Romans were too).

Please watch the movie before someone makes it unfree. Link to free movie still:

Happy Collecting, my friends!

Re: "The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

Good post - love the old movies. Thanks to TCM that shows many of them. The 1966 version of Beau Geste with Stockwell, McClure, Leslie Neilson and Telly is the most under rated but best version of all.

Re: "The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

I'm with you Garrison & have reenacted that film thanks to Revell & Strelets! With some help from Emhar/Imex, Zvezda & Orion!

I'm still a little unhappy with my Hollywood US Cavalry army! & would love to have more Bedouins for Beau, tho Strelets' Lawrence helped a lot!

Come on, most of those films you can get on DVD for pennies! I own them all.

Re: "The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

Dear Pedro, I'm glad you enjoy those classic films also. I agree, the 1966 Beau Geste is my favorite of them. I have a T.V. version on VHS from England, but the DVD's are not for Region 1 (US) and they are BlueRay (my machine is region free but not BlueRay). So careful Gentlemen.

Dear Bert, I'm looking forward to the Big Box to reinact the movie The War Lord. Hudson & Allen makes a couple of Medieval Towers / Keep. The nice looking one is solid, so I'm still looking to make my own so it can have some rooms, etc. inside, and a gate that opens.

OK, thank you both Pedro and Bert and have fun!

Re: "The War Lord" 1965 movie & now S*R's Big Box 1/72 "Norman Army Camp"

I think The Warlord has allways been one my Favourites apart from that its the only film I know of that shows a Germanic warrior wearing the Thorsberg helmet or at least something based upon it, theres certainly weirder helmets they could have chosen....