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Re: problems with assembling horsemen figures

Mister Mannix

I'm afraid that your pictures do not display. So I can't offer any more advice.

Good luck!

Mister Mannix,
If you click on the boxes they do display, at least on my computer they do.

Paul K.

Re: problems with assembling horsemen figures

Hot water/cold water shock treatment will do the trick.

Re: problems with assembling horsemen figures

Yup, hot water always worked for me with some spectacular results!

Re: problems with assembling horsemen figures

hello everybody,

thank you very-very much for your replies and interest.

i've managed to pick [somewhat] optimal horse/horseman pairs but i'll try with hot water as well (up to now i did not take any action because of my work/lack of time)

idea of using pin to make better bond is super, but i am not sure how should i do that well. what material to use for pin, and how to drill holes in horse and horseman?

i would like to see images if possible of how this look like. i am sorry if i behave

like a spoiled child - i am sure that some other users could find that images helpful as well.

idea of coating the gap (after gluing) between horse and horseman using white glue is interesting as well, although i am not sure of how one can paint over a large amount of white glue afterwards.

thank you yet again
i shall make another post about painting - because that part of the job is great mystery for me as well

Re: problems with assembling horsemen figures

hello everybody - thank you very much

i've successfully pinned the first cavalry of mine
: )

i used metal -iron- pins from common nails like this:

i've read this - on other forum (Bill Guiroff):

Interesting. This has the advantage that everything's plastic, and as the figure ages it should be less likely to split like it sometimes does around metal pins(voice of experience here, folks!).

and i just wander - how can this happen, there is no water around figures so i do presume that corrosion process is very slow, unless super-glue and/or primer for gluing polypropylene are guilty for that corrosion..

: )