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Re: Early WWII Americans

ADM - Thierry
I've just received The WWII early American soldiers (Ref M105) (...) and I have to say that I'm very happy with the high level of details, just superb !!!

they can mix with any other 1/72 set, Strelets really improved and has moved to another level very close to the top ! Those figures can't be considered "Chunky" anymore. Only a very small amount of details can be considered slightly over sized (...)

Now that I have that set in my hands as well I can happily confirm Thierry's evaluation. This is another example of how much Strelets have improved their sculpting. I may add the figures are nearly flash free and the only production blemish is one rifle that is atteched to the sprue in a way making it impossible to cast without a kink.

Strelets have always amazed with originality but since many of their earlier figures did not mix well with others I have stayed clear of buying many sets, something that is definitely changing now!