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Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters & Roman Camp

I agree with you entirely. Not sure what the sculptor was thinking, unless indeed the pictures have been "stretched" in an awkward way.

Conversely the Roman Camp figures are just brilliant! Even though it's not a period I collect or follow, I may well get the figures because they are just so lively.

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

Never really been a fan of these 'before battle' sets as I usually just find a few poses I like! The one guy in the top row does have a ridiculously small head! & no matter how many times I look at him, the guy with the swords over head looks like "The Creature From The Black Lagoon!"

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

Dear Strelets
Sorry-but those new masters are not that-what we expected from you.The sculptor
of the new Norman camp-figures made a much better work-than this.Please make the masters new.
best regards
Richard Jung

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

Definitely, the next set will be better. It will be called "Crassus's army taking a leak before battle"...and it will be so much better because the sculptor decided to relieve himself before starting to sculpt the figures...

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

The trouble is if the figures are not going to be reduced in size then wysiwyg. They look as if the have been sculpted in "one go" which makes the task more difficult. Some sculptors work well in this scale like Alex, Massimo and the sculptor of the Red Box WWII sets and have proved you can work with a 1:1 ratio with the masters and produce superb figures. I am afraid if they don't measure up to the best then try again. In fairness other manufacturers have had some bloopers or stinkers and probably more that never made it to the photo stage or into the public arena.

and by way of contrast

The Norman Camp esp the camping jolly threesome hits the mark. A laughing head in 3 mm-fantastic and the hand goes round the goblet not just five marks in the modelling material.


Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

David O'Brien
the camping jolly threesome

I'm sorry but looking at that trio this immediately comes to mind (I'm sure others already know what to expect before they even click on the link).

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

About a month ago I was giving Strelets credit for their improvement in sculpting etc... and now this... ouch!!! Big step backwards! I realy hope this was a one time cooperation.

Sorry Strelets, I would express my reaction to this figures politer if I only could.

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters

Seems to me that the sculptor was trying to capture the inherent variability in such a set; a Thracian, a Numidian, a Greek, and so on.

Trouble is, they have missed the mark, especially compared to the quality of your other offerings—as others have said.

More power to the sculptor for version two!

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters
nothing nore to say

Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters—take a closer look gents!


I suggest that you take a second look at these figures as I have. Zoom your computer screen or mobile device snd examine the detail and variety of these poses. The quality of sculpting of the armour and weapons, the variety and character of the faces and facial and head hair. These are classic Strelets! A few of the weapons are large, but that is classic Strelets too.

They are going to paint up beautifully and are definitely on my list.

i look forward to Set M077!


Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters—take a closer look gents!

Jolly keypad on the iPad, should have waited to do this on a computer keyboard!


Re: Spartacus Before Battle masters—take a closer look gents!

I think considering the number of Roman soldiers they slaughtered and the potential amount of booty captured, equipment should be predominantly roman military, Gladiator gear is very specific(the weapon arm, the head so a combat can continue even with a badly injured player) and intended for its recognition and entertainment value rather then the battlefield...

I would have thought that Spartacus's men would have dumped it the moment they left the slave compound... as a matter of course...