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Re: Rorkes Drift

The Esci are not bad but I think the new Hat ones are better. I don't like the ESCI Zulus shields... I like the a call to arms ones too despite they are lightly smaller... Their Zulus are terrific and very lively.
Now about the Roke's drift set thanks to your information I found this link on the net about the Warlord Games Roke's drift set. It gives a good overview on what we could get, with lucky chance. May be you already know it, but in case you don't:
I really look forward for the buildings but I do hope too we get all the rest that could provide a very good diorama. The mealie bags and crates walls and the stone walls and the cart. All these things that could provide good diorama elements.
Let's hope !
Best regards

Re: Rorkes Drift

Yes fingers crossed, Hat have their wagons on the way, so at some point we get them, sooner the better, and unmarried Zulu`s. The mealie sack walls and redoubt I will scratch build. I started painting more Zulu war figures today after a long lay of, the old enthusiasm has come flooding back.

Re: Rorkes Drift

I paint with Enamel Colour (old school...) 98 matt for Zulus, first primed black. Any advise ?

Re: Rorkes Drift

I use acrylics, but primed first with matt black oil, I have switched in recent years to using Wargames foundry paints, three colour system, African flesh , shade base and light, they give a very good finish.