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Re: 28mm?

"OK, what the heck is up with the sudden boom in 28mm figs? WHY do we need a scale so close to 1/72?"

- far more detail
- far more individual poses
- far more manufacturers covering the same theme
- far more themes
- far more expensive :-D

For ex. Zulu war: I have about 110 different British poses made by two manufacturers (and there are more companies covering that war). That's barely half the amount of poses I could buy from them.

The 25/28mm scale also is not even close to 1/72. At least if you won't call a 2,10 m tall basketball player 'your tiny little brother' ;-)

Many 28mm-fans paint their minis up to high detail. Some rather look 54mm than 28 mm. There will be few just wanting them in base uniform colors (personally I know no one).

So IMHO there's no question 28mm OR 1/72. I enjoy both for different purposes.