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Re: Future Ultima Ratio and Redbox


Re: Future Ultima Ratio and Redbox

English sailors look interesting - finally a crew fro my Airfix Golden Hind. I hope RB's renaissance foray stretches to English types like bill and bow, border horse and demilances - their medieval Irish could still be used in late Tudor times.

Re: Future Ultima Ratio and Redbox for Dec. 11th shows a partial sprue of a new set of heavily armored Chaos Warrior/Death Dealer type barbarians and a single figure shot of a more fully armored Amazon in scale male with a greatsword. She looks more Nordic than the earlier Grecian Amazons.

Re: Future Ultima Ratio and Redbox

Good times for all the collectors of other stuff than 20th century European infantry out there.

Will have a close look at which set might fill the ranks of my "Boxer Rebellion" Imperial troops - maybe the Ottoman artillery could double.

The WW2 sets sound interesting as well. Regards, Pa

Re: Future Ultima Ratio and Redbox

The Redbox pics on Миниатюры 1/72 site look like Russian War monks, then on the right -top to bottom -Turkish sailors in battle, Turkish janissaries(yeniçeri), English sailors in battle.
The English sailors look more like 16th century though some may do for early 17th century. Fashions change quite considerably in the 17th century but working clothes like simplified doublets outlasted most of their owners and were often recycled and slightly modified. The paintings by 17th c Dutch artists of maritime scenes are excellent reference material. The captain looks more characteristically Elizabethan and would be a bit of a Don Quixote if he dressed like that in the mid 17th c.