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Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

I recently purchased sets of their French and Russian infantry in this range, to see what they were like, "in the flesh". I thought that they'd be pricey, but they turned out to be double what I expected, AU$12. That's $2 per figure. Normal, 'proper' boxes of 1/72nd plastic figures cost around 30–50¢ each. For the same money, I got two boxes of Streltes' lovely American Militia, plus change.

It's a real shame as their big boxes were excellent figures at a good price. Fortunately we have fine offerings from the likes of Strelets (and orhers), but it's a shame that Zvezda seem to have quit the field of main-stream figures suitable for wargamers. I can only hope that their tactic with Art of Tactic is to lure the young ones in, Games Workshop style, and some of them will progress to 'proper' historical wargaming. I have seen/ and know of that occurring with the afore mentioned systems.

Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

New Zvezda French

Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

Can't wait to see the real figures !

I just wonder if in fact the musicians were already issued with the 1812 bardin style dress ?