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Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

Figures look nice but as all 3 D figures they are a bit stiff and lack character and individual expression. 3 figures is the norm for cavalry sets, they've always been more generous with infantry sets...

Honestly, just two sprues per set is just extremely stingy. In each box there is enough room for 6 sprues (without that superfluous plastic bag, of course), i.e. three times as many figures as we get now. Check it out. And we'd still get far fewer than the big boxes used to contain...

Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

Hi Matelot,

I can't argue with any of your comments I think we are all missing the Zvezda big boxes, the only thing I can say is these mini sets are better than nothing.

If Hat could produce their long awaited Russian Musketeers and French Infantry that would give us good figures, in good poses that paint up well at the right price to make the two biggest armies of the Napoleonic Wars.

Sorry Strelets I probably should be saying this on another site.

Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

I recently purchased sets of their French and Russian infantry in this range, to see what they were like, "in the flesh". I thought that they'd be pricey, but they turned out to be double what I expected, AU$12. That's $2 per figure. Normal, 'proper' boxes of 1/72nd plastic figures cost around 30–50¢ each. For the same money, I got two boxes of Streltes' lovely American Militia, plus change.

It's a real shame as their big boxes were excellent figures at a good price. Fortunately we have fine offerings from the likes of Strelets (and orhers), but it's a shame that Zvezda seem to have quit the field of main-stream figures suitable for wargamers. I can only hope that their tactic with Art of Tactic is to lure the young ones in, Games Workshop style, and some of them will progress to 'proper' historical wargaming. I have seen/ and know of that occurring with the afore mentioned systems.

Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

New Zvezda French

Re: Latest Zvezda Mini Set 6815

Can't wait to see the real figures !

I just wonder if in fact the musicians were already issued with the 1812 bardin style dress ?