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Re: Alternate uses for Bashi Bazouks

The ones with fur hats are more than likely to be Circassians. They look a bit like Cossacks. Most of the figures, as they are mounted, could pass for Pashtuns or Afghans but a few figures would need some hint of the longer kameez(shirt coat) in the side view and back and the fez parts of some of the turban/hats need lopping off. Apart from the Circassians in this Strelets set the rest look very similar to the Wargames Foundry Mounted Indian Hill tribesmen. The box blurb mentions Albanian costume and the figures on the box artwork on the front right look as if they are depicted with it ( and the Albanian moustache)but only a couple of the actual figures have the waistcoat clearly defined or the Zouave type tasselled fez. The characteristic Albanian baggy kilt(Fustanella) doesn't show as much with mounted figures. A bit like the Esci Muslim Warriors set - a bit of everything but good generic figures.


Re: Alternate uses for Bashi Bazouks

cannot find images of this product..but Bashi Bazouk could be used, probably straight from the box if sportingwith fez, as "Bashi Bazouk" or early Askaris in Italian service of the beginning of Colonial expansion in Eritrea/Ethiopia