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Re: Orion Turkish Cavalry

Kevin Drover

As for the places and prices you've quoted, when you add postage from Europe (or just about any other place outside the USA), you've destroyed any advantage one may have gained.
That's not true at all. You say you paid $15 US plus postage for one box. If you had bought that from Harfields they would not have charged you more than $8 US. It typically is around 20% of the price of the order for postage.

Kevin Drover
I try to support vendors here in the USA. And, indeed, prices here are often higher, I am told because of shipping costs (just like if I had purchased them myself from abroad).
Well it isn't the shipping costs; whoever told you that is lying. Maybe they are talking about "shipping and handling" where the "handling" is some extortionate price. It is the price you pay if you want to "Buy American". Those American vendors you want to support are taking advantage of you.

Re: Orion Turkish Cavalry

kevin check ebay u.s..theres a bunch of red box listings for 7.99,with good shipping and combined shipping prices.comes from here in the states so no over seas shipping and import costs as well.careful tho,you might be tempted to empty out your wallet.
even so 20 figures in a set still seems kind of low.

Re: Orion Turkish Cavalry

Tom S.,
Yes, I've seen the ebay listings, and Amazon. I no longer have PayPal (as I believe I implied before). I got fed up with ebay due to poor service and poor
product from dealers who don't seem to give a **** about anything else other than lining their own pockets. So I cancelled.

As to ordering from Europe, I've not once had a fair shake when it comes to postage—ever! So, I'm dubious about any claims to the contrary. In fact, the last few times I purchased miniatures (metal mini's) from the UK the boxes were cut open by customs and the contents were either damaged or missing!

And, for those of you who think my retailer is gouging me, well, I don't believe it. As I already know postage is nearly prohibitive for myself, why wouldn't it be the same for him?

FYI, I'm not buying "American," I'm buying Ukrainian! (and glad to do so, I just don't want to go broke doing it).