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Re: Post WWII Movie: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

If only I had a copy. I watched it on radx a couple of months ago

Post WWII Movie: "Lone Survivor" (set in Afghanistan)

Hi CC, Looks like is the best retail source. This movie stars Jason Patric, who was also in Geronimo, an American Legend - another of my favorites. I'm very much looking forward to watching it! Thank You!

Hi Mako, At 2.25 hours, that's a long movie! I stayed up late watching it and loved it. Free on YouTube. So much action and so much persnonal involvement. Thank You!

Thank you good friends! YGC

PS Post WWII Tank Men by Orion and Other Mobile Cavalrymen

By the way guys, I think ORION'S Tank Crews are some of finest in 1/72 soft plastic. After watching the Trailers for "The Beast" I can just see ORION'S Russian Tank Crews in action. I have already bought several sets of their WWII German Panther Crew I for my Afrika Korps tanks, and hope they make a Set II, please!

If you are reading this ORION, I have multiple sets of every color you made of your Polish Winged Hussars. This set by quality and beauty is every bit as exciting to me as the Strelets*R sets of Cavalry from their Crimean War Range.

I am still in progress of restoring my old farm house so we can move in this summer. When this is done, I can't wait to cover my drafting table with Polish Winged Hussars, 17th Lancers, Hussars, The Heavy Brigade, ... Oh I can't wait!

Thank you Strelets*R and ORION! YGC

Russian Responce

Dear GarrisonClay,

you may also have a look at this movie, if you like war movies:

Best regards,


Re: Russian Responce

Thank you very much for the link. I appreciate the recommendation!

Re: Russian Responce

My thanks as well Can we ever hope for a response in soft plastic? Best regards

Re: Russian Responce

Dear Strelets,

Thank you very much for the link and recommendation. I watched the complete movie tonight! It had great actors and actresses and portrayed the Russo-Afghan war quite vividly. I have always been fascinated by conflicts in the mountains and deserts such as the FFL, North Africa in WWII and Afghanistan. This is one way to learn a little of those times and events. I enjoyed it very much and again - Thank you!

Re: Russian Responce

Dear CC,

we'd love to, but as of WWII weapons aren't particularly suitable for our technology.

Best regards,


Re: Russian Responce

Oh well, I had to try again. I'll still keep buying your product as I am interested in all times and places in history. Thank-you for your reply and keep up the good work. I liked the movie too