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Re: D-Day - Waffen SS Officers Normandy 1944 (Ultimate 1/72 figs)

Well, it was a real treat to review the set mentioned above, and also to discover a few other sets of interest to me that Cristian had reviewed before.

The discussion of the various uniforms, such as U-Boat leather coats for a tank commander, Tunics and more reminded me of my favorite clothes - the old Bomber Jacket, Safari Coat and London Fog Trench Coat. I also enjoyed going thru other sections of Cristian's site.

I think I can highly recommend checking out the excellent reviews of so many German 1/72 sets especially for those who like accurate, indepth research for resources. Included are soft and hard plastic figures as well as other modern harder materials; classic sets and current makers - all readily available for purchase.

Again, well done, Cristian.

Re: D-Day - Waffen SS Officers Normandy 1944 (Ultimate 1/72 figs)

Dear Garrison,

Thank you very much for both your messages, I am more than happy that you have enjoyed the review as well as for the kind words regarding my website. K

While I put a lot of passion and work in it, I have to recognise, is a real pleasure seeing people appreciate so much the website and once again, many thanks.

There is no problem concerning spelling the name with "h", I am well accustomed with that, even international organisations when I attend some meetings abroad it spells it with "h". In Romanian we spell it without "h" but as you know, in most of the other languages it is with "h", so it quite normal non-Romanians to write it like that...

I am also pleased that you like the black and white photos, at it is easily noticed, I am a great fan of those....

The next review will feature a really rare topic and I do hope you will like that one as well... perhaps in one week to be ready...