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Re: * Wish List Compilation for April 2014 * (For Fun and Thinking Out Loud Only)

Hi Andrew, Thank you for the many, fine suggestions. I added a "PRE-HISTORIC & FANTASY" Section at the top of the list. You'll see your requests beginning there. I tried to clean up the more modern conflicts / wars and you'll see your later requests there. Cheers!


Hi evreyone,

We forget the superb AWI period with all the possibilities.




Awesome list Mr. Clay, thank you for being so inclusive. I would love to see those 20th century French sets become a reality, as well as the Foreign Legion. This hobby doesn't have too much of either subject.


Dear CPN and Colin D, I'm a big fan of the AWI and the FFL also. Under AWI, I took the liberty of listing "Mohawk Warriors", something nobody has really made in proper scale (scale creep), or already have planned and in their pipelines. Re FFL, well, what a history! I hope you guys can find them listed in the proper Eras you want. Feel free to let me know if I need to clean up any of your requests. Cheers!

Re: * Wish List Compilation for April 2014 * (For Fun and Thinking Out Loud Only)


Boxer Rebellion (1898 – 1900)
• Chinese Imperial regular infantry (Boxer war).
• Chinese Imperial artillery, including Gingal (Boxer war).
• German Sea Batallion
• Schutztruppe
• British Navy in Straw Hats
• Japanese Army in Winter Blue and Summer White

Thanks for compiling this extensive list.

When you do the next update, can I please ask you to tidy up a mistake I made. The chinese gun is actuall spelled Jingal (not Gingal) in English.

If anyone is interested, that is a massive rifle, even much bigger than the enormous WW1 German AT rifle, as can be seen here:

That would sure make for an unique sight on the table! Thank you, Pa

Re: * Wish List Compilation for April 2014 * (For Fun and Thinking Out Loud Only)

Dear Pa,

Now that's a gun! I'd love a pair of Imperial Chinese shooting the gun like in the picture. I'll cross my fingers. I've updated the list. I do hesitate to put links in the list, but hopefully I've entered enough info for anyone to look up this interesting weapon. Thank you!