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Re: british dragoons egypt

I was looking back through my AWI books recently with just such a thought, but couldn't find any units with it. However the Perry's do sell a 28mm 16th Light Dragoon figures in a tarleton for the AWI, so I wonder where they got the information from?

Even with the tarleton the jacket is completely different as the braided shell jacket wasn't introduced until the 1790s.

Re: british dragoons egypt

no pun intended but didnt tarleton wear a tarleton?i was hopoing not too much changed between 1780's and 90's as it doesnt look like more awi figures are coming.

Re: british dragoons egypt


the Loyalist units eg the British legion and the Queens Rangers (Light Dragoons) wore the Tarleton with a dashing green uniform. If your a wargamer, its close enough though you could always do a few head swops

Lees Legion on the rebels side worn similar outfits

You can also use as British Light Dragons in the Revolutionary wars or later Pennisular