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Re: Wish list for 2013-same old broken record

Well, I think I've already been told it won't happen, but I'll go ahead and throw it out there since these are the only things I want:

Spanish-American War US and Spanish troops
Camerone French Foreign Legion and Mexicans
War of 1812 US Inf and militia and Creek Indians
1941 US Army/Marines and US Navy
Dismounted US Cavalry for ACW/Indian Wars
US Dragoons for Mexican War/early Indian Wars
Any Wild West Cowboys and Indians, etc.
De Soto and 'several other Spanish expeditions' and the Battle for America (okay, I could scrounge up enough Conquistadores from Revell and Caesar, but I need Native American Southeastern tribes, they look unique) this is a great story - Battle of Mabila, Lady of Confitachequi, Chicaza Town, etc.

Re: Wish list for 2013

1) ancients: ok
2) dark ages: franks, byzanthines, goths, avars, hungars...
3) medieval: mongols!
4) jacobite rebellion: ...?
5) american civil war: know what to do
6) wild west: ...a lot
7) ...


Anglo-Indian wars, without doubt the most criminally neglected subject of all.

Re: Wish list for 2013

I'm with Cappy on the ACW. Reb infantry would be perfect for Strelets' individual style. I'd also love to see dismounted, skirmishing cavalry.

Re: Wish list for 2013

for 2013 acw set are all welcome : iron brigade , rebel infantry , union dismouted cav .....

Re: Wish list for 2013

I frequently find myself wanting the same stuff as PDA and RCD.

As well as the Tachanka (though I'm finishing off some scratchbuilds/conversions):
1) RCW Partisans (Makhnovists/Zelenyi/Grigoriev etc)
2) RCW Naval Infantry - for fighting both for and against the Bolsheviks (Kronstadt Uprising!)
3) RCW artillery crew in greatcoats with a mix of both Budenovka and papakha fur hat - would go great with all those nice WW1 guns from HaT and others.

Re: Wish list for 2013

Yes, definitely ACW Iron Brigade, with Hardee Hats, and dismounted US Cav (need 'em for the first day of Gettysburg), and a camp scene set (or sets) like the first set Strelets ever made. I need guys sitting around the campfire, cooking or playing the fiddle, or just pondering the next day's battle, or playing cards, or doing chores like cutting firewood or feeding horses, or maybe a surgeon and some wounded men, or farriers, camp women like laundress, cook, nurse, or a group of soldiers assembling for a photographer (and it would be nice to have a photographer and newspaper man too), or sentries, and accessories like stacked rifles, crates, barrels, or...etc., etc., etc.

The uniforms are such that they could be for either side, heck just run them in grey and blue plastic, two sets for the price of one (and that would make me, Dave, and Bert happy).These are things Strelets has done well in previous sets.

Re: Wish list for 2013

I'd like to see:

1) 1st Afghan War - British, Sepoys, Afghans

2) French Conquest of Algeria - French Chasseurs, Foreign Legion, Spahis, Berbers

Am I likely to see either? No.

Re: Wish list for 2013

Wouldn't it be a great idea if someone made some WWI Austro-Hungarian Honved cavalry?

Re: Wish list for 2013

For me it has to be something completely new such as:

India, anytime between Clive and the great Mutiny, especially the Indian native forces facing Wellesley, a good start would be the British in Egypt, so loads of native troops needed.


More Ottomans of any period

Poles and Czechs for the Russian Civil War

Armies for the 1st/2nd Balkan wars

and of course fill all the gaps in the existing ranges!

Re: Wish list for 2013

I concur on the RCW stuff - we have the Red infantry and cavalry but sailors, Czech Legion and partisans would be great. What about some stuff for Spanish Civil War or even generic stuff that could be used for VBCW.

Re: Wish list for 2013

Egyptian Campaign Ottomans

Ottoman Line Infantry (Nizam I Cedit)
Ottoman Light Infantry (Albanians)
Ottoman Artillery

Probably the same as my last wish list although perhaps more lightly to appear after the release of the excellent Egyptian Campaign British and French, could these finally be the first Napoleonic Ottomans?

Re: Wish list for 2013

honestly i cant have a wish list.i keep changing my mind.

Re: Wish list for 2013

French 155mm gun
Schneider tank
Mark V tank
Elizabethan infantry
Elizabethan horse (demilancers and reivers)
Late 16th century W. European horse (reiters, gens d'armes and millers)
Late 16th century Landsknects and Swiss
More ACW command

However I am not holding my breath on any of these for 2013.

Re: Wish list for 2013

Napoleonic French and British siege artillery would be excellent additions and I am sure they would be extremely popular.
I also agree with Brian (see above). More Turkish for Napoleonic period.

Re: Wish list for 2013

Napoleonic Ottomans are top of my wishlist

Re: Wish list for 2013

There are so many good idea on this list, favorites would be British nappy sege artillery and Arab revolt circa 1916-18 .I would like to see caesar do a sel of LRDG/SAS 1941/43 North Africa, with a pose or two to man the dragon chevy.For strelets a British 5.5 with crew ww2 ,Boer war artillery British and Boer.

Re: Wish list for 2013

As long as the WW1 artillery sets are ready for my Christmas stocking I will be happy and leave it to Strelets to produce more suprise WW1 sets!

Re: Wish list for 2013

Like some 1914 French cavalry, Chasseurs, dragoons, cuirassiers... anything!

Re: Wish list for 2013 - The couch of Napoleon Bonaparte!

This must be an easy task now. Most companys have already made the horses, the wheels etc. the only missing thing is the "cabin"...

Re: Wish list for 2013 - A C W RANGE tbc

maybe Strelets have a change of heart sometime.i think it is a gaping wound until SR decide to furnish us collectors with some inf cav and art for this range/psst make big sets for us market

Re: Wish list for 2013 - Cold War / WW3

Love Strelets stuff!
Hope to see continuation of current ranges, especially:
- Stalingrad (lets have Germans and Russians in hand to hand fighting poses)
- Dismounted US Cav
- Opponents for Jacobites

Would love to see some new ranges too:
- Cold War / WW3 (Nato and Warsaw Pact dressed in NBC protective clothing) I think that this is a real gap in the hobby. Having seen Strelets WWI Gas mask troops, this suggestion could be done well by Strelets and allow for some interesting wargaming. The M-16 is probably hard to model at 1:72 scale, but the FAL rifle as well as the AK-47 is probably easier to model than an MP40 (which Strelets has successfully done).

- Anything FFL (Camarone, Classic Legion in Algeria, Riff War, Dien Bien Phu) with opponents.
- 16th Century Renaissance
- Medieval Hungarians and Turks
- Anything Wild West (Apaches, Plains Indians, Mexicans, etc)