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Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace / Goldentown Forum
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Re: Yoo - Hoo! Anybody home?

I still check in from time to time. We are doing fine here. Crystal continues to get more relaxed around the house and now seeks love & attention from visiting family & friends. Today she grabbed the opportunity to take herself for a walk, but she didn't get far, my next door neighbor saw her cross the street. I had gone into the back yard to get a shovel and forgot she was outside and I didn't close the gate all the way when I left. That's twice now, so I am thinking someone needs to watch me!

We have been enjoying our beautiful Fall weather, I have geraniums that had the blooms frozen a couple weeks ago are now going to bloom again.

Debbie, so glad that Keevin is still doing well.

Vicki, hope Butch is feeling better with his treatments.

Sandra, so very sorry for your loss of Faith. It is hard when it happens so fast. Hugs to you.

Carol & Crystal in SD