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Yoo - Hoo! Anybody home?


Is anybody still checking this site? I hate to see it just wither up and die away....

How about a shout out from anyone around with a quick update.

Things here are pretty status-quo. Keevin continues to function quite well as a trip-pod. We have doggie guests here from time to time when their folks are traveling.

I know many of us are on the GRiC facebook page, but some aren't so pop in when you can.

Debbie and Keevin

Re: Yoo - Hoo! Anybody home?

This is weird, I just popped in too thinking somethings got to change on this site and here you are Deb.

Glad Keevin is doing well.

Butch is getting acupuncture (In Longmont) once a week and we are trying a new med for his back starting today.

I need to get on facebook so I can talk to you all but I just keep putting off getting on facebook. I need to JUST DO IT!

Vicki & Butch

Re: Yoo - Hoo! Anybody home?

Hi Debbie,

I still check in once in awhile and am sad to see the site slowly fading away. Lots of memories were shared here going back many, many years.

Sadly I lost Faith on August 11 to lymphoma. She was diagnosed on August 3 and was gone just 8 days later. She was only 10 years, 2 months old. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. She had hardly any symptoms then went down very quickly. My life without her has not been the same, but hopefully with time the pain will lessen.

Hope all is well with everyone. As Debbie said, pop in when you can.

Sandra, Gemma & RB Faith

Re: Yoo - Hoo! Anybody home?

I am sad to learn about Faith. I lost Teddy in March 2016 to lymphoma, also. He was diagnosed about 6 months prior to his passing. I had a biopsy done when he got his teeth cleaned, that's how I found out. I miss this old forum, however I like Facebook because more of us can post pictures.

Re: Yoo - Hoo! Anybody home?

I still check in from time to time. We are doing fine here. Crystal continues to get more relaxed around the house and now seeks love & attention from visiting family & friends. Today she grabbed the opportunity to take herself for a walk, but she didn't get far, my next door neighbor saw her cross the street. I had gone into the back yard to get a shovel and forgot she was outside and I didn't close the gate all the way when I left. That's twice now, so I am thinking someone needs to watch me!

We have been enjoying our beautiful Fall weather, I have geraniums that had the blooms frozen a couple weeks ago are now going to bloom again.

Debbie, so glad that Keevin is still doing well.

Vicki, hope Butch is feeling better with his treatments.

Sandra, so very sorry for your loss of Faith. It is hard when it happens so fast. Hugs to you.

Carol & Crystal in SD