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Re: Future releases - new range of tanks

Dear Andy
There seems to be a new range of 1/72nd scale tanks on the same page as well (also not illustrated).

Re: Future releases

The Mk.VI Crusader II will be very useful!!!

Re: Future releases

WOW a new set from Emhar of Portuguese Infantry I can hardly wait until 2018!!!

I think we saw masters of there British Infantry set 3 years ago, test shots over a year ago and we are still waiting, come Emhar why can you not keep us informed of progress like Strelets and Hat.

Re: Future releases

Hallo Andy & all,
the 4 nap. Peninsular sets (incl. Portugese infantry & cazadores) + the Knights are announced for several months now at other german shop-sites as well:
Again unfortunately not illustrated.
The latter list has a second part, just hit the 2.

Same with the 18(!) tanks.
There (at SGK site) it is said, that this will be metal kits.
Furthermore SGK gives a release date (Nov. 200 for the following 4 tanks of this new Emhar line:
2901 AMX 30/105
2905 Jagdpanther
2907 Crusader Mk. II
2911 Tiger
They want 7,49 € for one - can`t be metal imho. I hope this will be a new line of plastic kits instead and not ready-made metals. Some interisting vehicles there!

it's definitely high time for a decent (means accurate & detailed) plastic Crusader in 1/72.
The old Hasegawa one is now 30 years(+) old & it would be good to send it into its well-deserved retirement finally (btw, it has inaccurate turret dimensions & plain tracks on the inside, ...). Airfix one was useful too - back in the 70`s I mean.
I would generally acclaim any new kit of early WWII british AFVs. Crusader chassis could be used for many variants - Ah, dreaming.

We will see. Hopefully soon.

Best Regards