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Re: Suggestion for enemies

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"I just saw pictures of the Dacian Cavalry,Mounted Falxmen! Totally INACCURATE! I thought the powers that be decided against such fantasy figures!"

The falx came in different sizes for single handed and double handed use, theres even ones that are knife sized.. in my opinion there is no problem with using this weapon from horseback although probarbly not two handed(the original masters had some 2-handed poses since altered) and the lack of stirrups would certainly effect the force of the blow...


Re: Re: falx

Falx's were not used mounted — highly inprobable.

To be effective falx's were used with two hands, this
can't be done effectively mounted.

The falx came in different sizes — this is true but, the long
bladed versions are clearly two-handed weapons. To see these
on horseback, no way! The dude wouldn't have a chance in

If you can prove this to be otherwise let me see your evidence.
(I've looked for it everywhere and can find none).

Yip, yip cheerio!

Re: Suggestion for enemies

Do you ride horses and have you ever used a falx...


Re: Re: Falx's

Not a quite a falx but I've been doing
medieval reenactment for many years (professionally)— I ride
steeds and have jousted (in full armor).

I have used large double edged swords (european style) from horse
back and I can say that without stirrups they are
not easy to handle. A falx would be even more difficult.

You might be able to scare someone with it from
horseback but to use this weapon, in the thick of battle
(with a shield no less) would be folly!

Now, it could be these guys dismount and then use them.
That is a possibility.