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Re: Re: Another Flamboyant set from strelets

Hi frank, full north europeen armor fighting arabs turks in eastern mediteranean heat is doubtful.

teh periods northern europ wools(oils) etc clothing would perhaps rot so fast with sweat.leather straps that work in moist climate would dried up quickert and become brittle snap,unless greased (but that invokes perhaps another problem).

The first crusdades must have met the multitude of operational logistical problems of climate effecting weopnry.The woods used for arrows and lances and seige machine would also be effected.I can see why ffirst crusades must have run out of money.What evidence of these effects are there ?

In defence of flamboyance , take the crusader wear then forcing replacement with teh local made eastern europ garb coloring and substityutions.Looks more flamboyant.for need practicality and necessity/

From experience I took a carved present of the laughing budha to a friend in teh desert , within 3 weeks it crack and split.I felt bad as it was not cheap one.

irrespectively have teh fun week .here it almost thanksgiving so everyone think for holiday/

Re: Re: Re: Another Flamboyant set from strelets


Practicality was never a reason for Europeans to adopt "native" dress. And the middle east can be cold at times. My understanding is that they didn't adapt. But I need to research this.

Have a great day, Frank