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October releases.

Dear Strelets and Jason

I phoned up F and S (in the UK) earlier today and the Oct releases came in today. I notice that Hannants still have them as a future release but I bet they will appear over the next few days.
The price of oil is very low now and the £ is lower than a few weeks ago. British importers are probably cautious so as not to be caught out by price changes when the oil prices and so on factor in. This will have a bigger impact on goods from China.
Retailers want the cash flow so they want things as soon as possible to complete customer orders. For my part I can wait and I just hope our hobby manufacturers and retailers can pull through these difficult times.


Re: New Sets are Great, But...

I'll be adding the excellent dismounted Mongols to my collection, no question. Of course, there's still room for a set composed entirely of the most numerous Mongol troop type - unarmoured light cavalry archers. The Zvezda and (2) Italeri sets missed the mark by a country mile with all their heavies and mediums...

Re: New Sets are Great, But...

Absolutley fantastic, Mongols on foot. Yep I would be happy to see this set expanded upon.

cheers Strelets

Mike McA,

Re: Re: New Sets are Great, But...

New sets are exciting and have big wow factor.Right out of teh blue.

Streletes SURE have helped open up the dark corridors of eastern european wars and also make some key link sets that will help expansion of interest in others.

Hoping for Mounted Mongols Next

Strelets is the one company who can do it right!!!

Mounted mongols/tartars

Yes please mounted mongols next so I can use them as Tartars

Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

I don´t like the Russian Levy´s! The Poses are really sad and seen 1000 Times...! Nothings new, like a Commander, Dead Peasants, other Fighting Poses...!
I hope that the Zveazda Peasant Army came out shorty!!!!!

Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

Who, he asks argumentively, are you calling Shorty?

Re: Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

Shorty? Maybe he meant Shirley? Would second the call for light horse archers for Mongols/Tartars/Huns etc...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

Your the Greatest!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

Don't you get shirty with me, Mike.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

Don't call me Shirley!

Well, I love the peasants! Just what we needed. Next step light horse archers and the Russians are rollin'!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mounted mongols/tartars

Mike b, you're not Sean Connery are you?