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Assuming that you are talking about Napoleonics, take a look at Tretlets Russian Lancers (perfect for Austrian Lancers up to about 1805 after that you may wish to change the saddle cloth for one with pointed rear corner rather than rounded) and Stretlets French Hussars, here Stretlets got the Horse Furniture wrong for representing French but perfect for Hungarian Hussars of the Austro/Hungarian empire. Due to this lucky error I bought 2 boxes rather than just 1 since I already have French Hussars but was desperately short this cavalry type for my 1798 to 1805 period Austro-Hungarian army.

Best regards,


Re: to strelets

Dear GG,

thank you for your suggestions.
We are extremely sorry but these sets won't make appearance in this year, that's for sure.
As far as the actual sets that you suggested are conserned, the dragoons are made by Italery and we won't beat them, therefore it simply makes no sence to make another set, lancers of the line is a possibility, Prussians are being made by other companies and we don't want to interfere in their plans. Austrians are a possibility, though quite a remote one at the moment.

Best regards,


Re: Re: to strelets

Dear Strelets,

If you want to do more Napoleonic sets with little or no competition from other manufacturer, why not cover the Napoleon's Egyptian campaign.

Although I don't think Hank could wait another 4 years for the Turks to arrive.