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Re: Re: Strelets what are the remaining CW numbers for

Hi Strelets, Good and encouraging to read your expected commitment to fulfill teh CW Range.

The delays on Turkish have been disappointing+ but teh recent photO release of the CW Turks is astounding. So you are ahead now, i concede.

However the concern from my peers is that there is a string attached, taht these CW Turks are limited to inclusion only in a big box set Thin red Line .My big question ,Is there any HOPE they become available as a stand alone set ?

Looking at your big box set pattern...
I guess an "Inkerman" box Set could contain
Brittish Grenadiers, Light Infantry against Russian Infantry and Russian Grenadier.

Projection,I think teh Cossack Infantry against teh CW Turkish will look very well balanced in diorama as both are more or less irregular class and both wearing coats.Ideal for melee warfAre.

Getting back to Noel's poignant observation, yes big void identified for CW ALlied artillery.suggest 1853 Obus 12/14 for French( and Turks chuckle, used into ww1 ).<< Support the Chasseurs D'Afrique also, so limbers are needed.>>

Have a good week hank

Re: Strelets what are the remaining CW numbers for

The one major omisson at the moment in my opinion is allied Artillery. I don't know of any company that has produced a set.

Re: Re: Strelets what are the remaining CW numbers for

Yes, it's just one of them.