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6 new Strelets sets announced for january!

Dear All,
have a look at the Strelets website:
3 new cavalry sets (all 3 Napoleonic - 102, 105 & 106)
3 new Mini sets (1 Napoleonic - M26, 2 Medieval - M27 & M28)
are freshly announced.
But the pictures are blurred, so we have to speculate what they could be.
That`s part of the fun - any suggestions someone?

Together with the already unveiled Mini set "Medieval Crossbowmen" (M25) & the "Thin Red Line" (903) big box, that makes at least 8 new Strelets sets in january. Good news!

Best Regards

Re: 6 new Strelets sets announced for january!

Maybe i am seeing a "Grenadiers a Cheval" as A NAP set.

Re: 6 new Strelets sets announced for january!

i think -chasseur a cheval -dragon -grenadier a cheval

Nooo! Not The Dreaded Teaser!

Just Kidding,
I'm glad to see the 'TEASER' return, nice to have some fun sometimes. I think GG is right about the Dragoons and grenadiers a chevals. I'm not so sure about the chasseurs a chevals. Those guys could be Austrian hussars or Saxon chevaulegers.
What about the Napoleonic infantryman; he's in red makes me think he's British. Is that a sword he's holding or is that a bagpipe? Could he be a 71st Highlander( Highland Light Infantry).

Paul K.

Re: Nooo! Not The Dreaded Teaser!

Austrian Office or Belgian infantry Chasseur Officer with sword and sash oranje-boom.?

such teh teaser this