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Re: Re: Strelets 2009 (Dis)Continued?

I've been experienceing the very same thing. My regular dealer doesn't seem to know why he doesn't get the new Strelets releases, so in order for me to get these sets I have to order from a different continent.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets 2009 (Dis)Continued?


sorry, this thread has no meaning whatsoever unless you mention the names of the dealers that you are talking about.

Best regards,


here you go

When your favorite dealer doesn't stock up on your favorite toy soldiers and doesn't even know why that is, then there is a perceived problem. Obviously the latest releases are missing.

Re: btw

Hi Jan, Michigan Toy soldier(seem always higher price )but they have roman cavalry 5 sets' buy now' in battle and march.check it out .new sets always are higher price, which is okay by me.

Mail parvels from europe has been slow last few weeks i am still waiting on some items from France from over two weeks.maybe postal on strike which we do not get here.

John Grasse is top gun usa 1/72 dealer .Excellent communications and delivery rapido. Good guy.He seems very popular with many other usa forum guys on here forum and hat.almost 40,000 ebay sales.

Re: here you go

Dear Jan,

that seems to be an American dealer that we aren't dealing with direct. The distribution in the US and Canada is being done by our distributor and we will let them know about the potential problem.

Best regards,


Re: Re: here you go dealers

PB Toys
KF 1/72
Winterkamp and several others

Re: Re: Re: here you go dealers

Dear Paul,

we are supplying PB Toys direct and they are one of the first to receive our new sets, however they always order limited numbers (probably to keep their stock to a minimum), therefore at any given point in time thay may have not some particular set but this entirely because of their stock replenishment policy.

KF used to receive our sets via intermediary that has gone out of business, probably that's why they don't have our sets in stock.

We don't deal with Winterkamp.

From our side we can recommend approach Messrs Kamar, whom we supply direct and who should receive the October lot by the end of this week.

Best regards,


Re: Re: here you go

Thank you very much Strelets!!!

This seller offers top-notch service and also has a flat shipping rate of $7 in the US, no matter how much you order. That policy allows always me to buy a few more boxes of toy soldiers.

Re: Re: Re: here you go

Thanks for the advice.