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Re: Re: ,,,Heads will roll

CW Turkish Infantry in old upgraded bastion ancient Forts under seige by discontent arab forces will be another good use. Raiding teh ancient caravan trade routes etc

Mini Sets for Serbian and Greek Infantry would help extend colonial into european mainland.(hints at Russo turk war)with Romanian & Bulgarian Independence war and even more early weapon technology present in warafre.(some great movies out there on these wars).

For so long colonial been acw or brittish and zulu. Then Strelets give us Boer commando to extend to Zuid Afrika.....Now CW explode with Euro-Afro-Middle East figures to reach other isolated 1/72 areas of option and potential.Bravo...truly Strelets teh leading edge.

We are desperately short of 1/72 field guns of the period. Be nice to have a big box colonial artillery set. Krupps ,screw guns, 1853 obus 12 ,etc with limber and caisson. No colonial force was without a gun be it mule packed or on steamboat.

Re: Great Week,,,Turkish Infantry and now Chasseurs D'Afrique

I don't know what color uniforms the Chasseurs D'Afrique wore, but why are they red if they are French? you've stuck with a good color code all this time, why are you now changing this by making a set of French cavalry in any other color than blue? I am puzzled & annoyed!

Re: Re: Great Week,,,Turkish Infantry and now Chasseurs D'Afrique

Hi Bert,

the main colors of the Chasseurs D`Afrique were light blue and red.

Greetings from Berlin

Re: Re: Re: Great Week,,,Turkish Infantry and now Chasseurs D'Afrique

Bert why need for anger, teh 3e Chas D'Afrique were allied and under teh brittish command liek a brigade reserve due to low brittish muster and horses.(maybe that is reason)also protect french flank and keep communication line .2 gallant Chas D'Afrique Squadrons were able to arrive in time to engage the rouskies.

Okay they ar eFrench but also many brittish cavalry wear blue.

But as Uwe says charge at Sedan was phenomenal courage.

These are test run sprues, actual sets will be in French blue colour

Re: These are test run sprues, actual sets will be in French blue colour

To me it does not matter what color PLASTICS the Turks or Chasseurs d'Afrique will be in, they look great.

It is exceptionally apprciated that Strelets are getting tehse figures produced. As they are the leading teh edge of 1/72 colonial figures.Key link sets as these will help expansion of other major colonial era campaigns to being represented in 1/72.

Hopefully we will see more of such sets opening up campaigns.

Re: These are test run sprues, actual sets will be in French blue colour

God Bless you Strelets! & Thanks! I knew you wouldn't let me down on plastic color!

I didn't think my initial response was angry? I mentioned I was annoyed to think that Strelets would suddenly change philosophy on their wonderfully colored figs by making this set red. I just wondered why it wasn't blue? Matter now adjusted & all is right with the world!

Thanks to all who posted noted to tell me the proper uniform colors!

For Bert uniform's colors Chasseurs D'Afrique

Hello Bert!

French Chasseurs d'Afrique wore light blue (bleu céleste) tunique with yellow (jaune jonquille) collar, red (rouge garance) pants and red and light blue shako.

goog luck for painting,
jed (from France)

PS : the French Spahis wore a red uniform !