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Re: Strelets 2009

I would like to see an Austrian 1805-1813 cavalry serie with Austrian Hussars 1806, Austrian Uhlans 1805, Austrian Hussars 1813, Austrian Light Dragoons 1812 and a mountened Austrian command staff. And what about the German brother-war????with all important elements. And for the ACW I would love to see the General Staff for the confederate side as well as some Artilleries and field camps. And for the Wild West serie please consider about some mountened Sioux and as mini set Siouxand other tribes. Last but not least: What about French Dragoons 1870/71??? and the former announced WWII German and Allied Staff and Field Camps?

Re: Re: Strelets 2009

I agree but there are no Austrians of 1866 war either, so it is a great subject, another great set would be CW mini set Russian Infantry in 1855/new/uniform but we can only hope that Strelets will consider our opinions

Re: Re: Re: Strelets 2009 austrian navy redbox

Will these figures redbox intend to make 72030 - Austrian Sailors be compatable with this era.
Again we need more steamboats and 1/72 ships.

Re: requests to Strelets for 2009

May I express my usual request for the year ahead: anything Jacobite related but particularly lowland Scots, WW1 Scots, WW1 Indian troops.