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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Partizans

I understand your personal thoughts and believe and respect totally what you said....i apologize if some of my thinking hurt your justified sensibility..i'm not a neofascist but just an amateur (almost)historian that do'nt want to side, for reasons of opportunity, with the politically correct dicatorial way of thinking that rule, after Norimberga, nowdays the word. I'm conservative and anti socialist and admire the persons that you critisiced above all Mussolini whose true history and accomplishments i know better than you and everyone in this and others hobby forums. Said that i understand and agree with your polite and balanced suggestion to avoid politics. Finally, most important i think that SCW is a very interesting and complex period which could be succesfully reflected in the production of model soldiers. Everybody will like them but beginning to produce them will a bvery important and time consuming burden for Strelets and this subperiod would not be linked, in term of miniatures, with other ones like WW1, WW2....While the WW1 soldiers to be produced by Strelets open a wide scenario with possibility of employing them in different fronts and in RCW of which Strelets could be a leader in producing and above designing top, well researched minis.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Partizans

Thank you for your answer. I can understand your point of view and I agree with the necessity of more figures for the SCW like Requetés,Falangists,Moorish troops,republican regular army,italian troops,international brigades, sovietic,italian and german assistants,ect...
Best regards.

Re: Possible Strelets releases in 2009

The Spanish Civil War (along with the Russian Civil War) is my main area of interest and I'd love to see more figures and vehicles in 20mm plastic.

There have been threads about the SCW on this forum before including this one with some conversion possibilities for existing figures:

I also see that Frank Domingo from BUM/Ger-Man is on the forum ("about PSR" thread) so perhaps we could let him know our thoughts as BUM is the only manufacturer of a specific SCW range at present (and likely to be in future?).

I have the La Legion, Republican Army (Popular Army - also good for International Brigades) and Militia (Republican) sets. Each have 36 figures and are in "normal" soft plastic. The first two sets cost me £6.50 GBP and the last £7.50 from Harfields mail order (£1 GBP = 1.27 Euro = $1.62 USD at the time of writing but GBP has recently dropped alot!).

As for quality, I pretty much agree with PSR's reviews. The anatomy and poses are mostly pretty good but the detail on the Militia set dropped off from the standard on the previous two. The rifles sometimes look like featureless broom-sticks and the firing poses have the butt resting on top of the elbow in a most unnatural way.

I like the look of the sculpting on the SCW Security Troops and Winter Infantry but the number of figures has dropped to 22 and the price hiked to £9.50. That's quite apart from the crumbling plastic warned about not only on PSR but also the Harfields site. Much as I want them; sorry no way...

BUM really need to sort this out or sell the molds to someone who can. I can buy a set of 53 Imex foot figures or 48 Strelets, HaT, Zvedza or Italeri for £4-£5 so why not from BUM?

Re: Re: about BUM SCW ecc...

I second you .....and support also you courage to said things how they really are....BUM should change completely his trend,,,and also retailers who did'nt refrain to buy his recents products for maximum and shameless profit...and .proposing products from a manufacture whose 90% of products seem to be "piratised" ..i say seem because i don't know if license were given....i say those retailers should stop to do so...and apologize with all their customers...hope somebody agrre with me...but i could'nt anymore resist to say the truth!

Re: Re: Re: about BUM SCW ecc...

dear mr FOLGORE
first of all, salute you as maker......
I also must suppose the involvement on the costings and process also you know, or not.....

then you ask for our figs on box, as all people know, we ahve a very good deal with 99% of producers that authorize us to use partially part of their rpoducts mixed with other to us in some of our boxes for example
HAT in artillery SCW
Strelets on French nap boxes Victory or sword
odermars on peninsular war
LW on sword
Orion for pavia theme
all SCW tanks by UM and our figs, or full resine tanks from our makers,
all SCW figs are to us, no one from any, same as all GER-MAN & VICTORY new figs.

when we put a figure on our brand boxes, we has the previous aproval of the maker of the fig if are not our.

and seems me that you are Italian, just for your info
italian shops are the ones that knows very well our policy and the prove is that is one of the countries that we sell much.
and in our introductory letter to any shop that ask us our product we relate all above with more details if posible.

waiting anwser you properly and waiting that you can understand how "easy" is our work.
yours sincerelly
frank domingo
BUM & other brands

Re: Re: Possible Strelets releases in 2009