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About WW1 Austrians please Mr Strelets read me

Really a great fan of your products, the most interesting, in my opinion ..above all for the proportion and a little bit caricatural design are the most appropriate choice for this scale and they mix well with 20mm metal. As my favourite period is WW1..and as i'm a kind of amatorial expert on WW1 Italian Front i want to express a view on the forthcoming Austrian Infantry Winter dress...They are nice, great choice of subject, perfect for both Italy and Carpathian fronts ...and useful for many other conversions/armies/periods...but there is onething that could spoil this much needed and beautiful set..that is the anklets that some subject seems to wear instead of puttees. It's a wrong choice!...if you want to use them after the early momnths of the war..and above all in Winter...anklets were used with the early type unifomr (the one depicted by Hat Austrians) but if you want a characteristic Austro-Hungarian soldier in campaign dress, above all in Winter or Alpine Front...the choice should be only puttees!..take into account that you choose to depict also soldiers handling later period and campaign appearance..An assault infantryman, a converted bosnian soldier with fez, a converted figure with a steel helmet would be possible only with a basic model with puttees.
Anyway thanks for your patience and we wait anxiuosly thi set,

Re: About WW1 Austrians please Mr Strelets read me

Dear Folgore,

the Austrians are under way to shops already. It's impossible to make any amendments now.
Any way, thank you for your message.

Bets regards,


Please show us all sprudes, masters and box covers

I cannot longer wait to have your new output in my hands.

Talking about Austrians

Dear Strelets,

have you ever thought about rounding up your WW1 Easter-front cavalry range with some early Austrians? In their blue uniform they would be something colourful beside all this khaki/grey/skyblue units there.


Re: Talking about Austrians

Dear Uwe,

as you can see from our Futures page a cavalry set is planned for the Austro-Hungary.
Best regards,