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Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

I own quite a few of your sets already , however , I have never engaged my Carolingians in Battle.Would you ever consider making some mini sets and enemies for this period. I would also appreciate it if anyone
could suggest sets already existing that could be used
for this period.



Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

While waiting for more,I suggest:

-Complete the carolingian army with some men from the "gothic army" from Hat and possibly some saxons from different manufacturers. Many Strelets breton knights can also jon the club

-For enemies: you can have lots of them! Charlemagne fought against any enemy from the outside of his big european empire: muslims, bulgarians, avars, vikings. For instance:

- MUSLIMS: maybe best idea are Hat almoravids, togehter with some italeri or strelets sarracens
- BULGARIANS OR AVARS: maybe difficult to represent, i suggest using some hat parthians mixed with LT huns and orion scythians and some italeri/zvezda mongols (not the most genuine mongols)

-VIKINGS: you have a great supply from strelets, emhar, zvezda

-In spain,carolingian forces were also "welcome" by navarres and vasques in the famous battle of Roncesvalles (song of Roland), they shuold be represented as "wild and strong mountain people",maybe with some ancient germans, more saxons, some unarmoured vikings and berserks...lot of muscle and fur!

Re: Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

look at the contributions....

Re: Re: Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

The only thing that lacks are eastern enemies. (bulgarians, avars, etc.)



Re: Re: Re: Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

you frogotten about Byzantines/dark age/

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

Bulgarians, Magyars and all the other eastern European nations between Austria and Russia are still not really covered in figures...


Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

I agree RHR,
a mini set each of Carolingian infantry and cavalry would be nice! Another enemy of the Vikings.

but the other suggestions are also good: Steppe Nomads for the Dark Ages are completely AWOL in 1/72 plastics. Maybe a set of light horse archers and another of heavy lancers? Most of these guys would be fairly universal in appearance. I think hair-style was the most distinguishing feature between nomad groups-various scalp-locks, long hair, etc

I've thought about taking Tumbling Dice Normans and turning them into psuedo-Carolingians by exchanging there kite shields for round shields. They won't be perfect because the distinctive Carolingian helmets from the manuscript illustrations would be missing.

Re: Carolingian mini sets and enemies ?

i agree more dark ages and crusades