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Re: 903 - Thin Red Line

They're Turks all right and very nice they are too.
Hank's going to be very happy!

Re: 903 - Thin Red Line

i will be also so now i can finally finish my secret project

Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line/ red fez

Me so happy i cry, I emotional. At last... CW Russians(which are fabulous figures ) have their main 1/72 Crimean War foe to fight, just wonderful wonderful wonderful.Ah Thin red line/Balaclava,the battle of the redoubts , Eupatoria, Trajans wall, Kars Seige, down the road maybe Pleven.. Shipka Pas.Big sigh from me in amazement.

What awesome sculpting, the figures have alot of appeal. Strelets you are number 1 in 1/72. Omar Pasha in classic Fenton pose, with nice command group.
Stanfard bearer and musicians look teh business.Congratulations to your team and thankyou.

Both Greatcoats and coatee are excellent.And offer alot of options,I love them all.Make me very happy and dizzy doing cartwheel and back flips.

Re: Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line/ red fez

I agree. This looks like a great set. As a gamer, I am happy to see that all the poses can be used on the table. Excellent job, Strelets!

Re: Re: Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line/ red fez

Well, I'll throw my two cents in on this. It looks like a great set! Head for the Guns Hank is obviously pleased. Can't wait 'till they come out. Bravo, Strelets!

Re: Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line/ red fez

Dear Hank,

save some emotions for later on as we intend to also include a sprue with Turks in older style uniforms.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: More Turks you say

Wow more Turks inshallah....! you guys are stepping on the gas .The sculpter please congratulate he did an awesome job .

I also appreciate you being teh good sport and patient with my moans and grumbles for several years.
I am glad i buy plenty russians as i will do similar for Turks.

Murat is right about teh CW Russian Dragoons they are immaculate figures work of art. But you win I think you make me lost my job being teh forum grumbler.

Older Turkish uniforms is good also,adds to teh width of teh once mighty Ottoman Empire.Will appreciate al teh figures you produce. If i did not say it earlier, Thankyou.

Re: Re: Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line/ red fez

Better and better!

Re: 903 - Thin Red Line

Excellent news and figures, I'm not interested in the CW, but I can use these in lots of colonial scenarios.


Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line

I'm with Hank on this. Just awesome! Fantastic poses! I can't wait for this to come out so I can buy multiple sets. This has made my day. Fine job Strelets!

Re: Re: Re: 903 - Thin Red Line

Hi Hank,

but about what will you grumble now as your dream comes true I hope the infantry is just the first stepp, cavalry and artillery should follow!

And what about the Turks favourite enemy, the Greeks?

Ok Strelets, you know I can never have enough. These figures are really great, good sculpting, great poses and the greatcoated ones are useful for 1877 too. And then I am sure I will find some colonial wars for them, even using them as Egypts 1882?


best so far ?

Dear strelets
These are among the best sculptures so far.
I thought the CW Russian Dragoons were unsurpassable. Now I need a bigger bucket to carry these figures home.
Well done and thanks for enabling me not to have to mention the Turkish Infantry again.
Tell where Hank lives so that I can send him a large box of tissues
Best regards

Re: best so far ?

They do look very good. Hopefully, they will be released on their own.

Should we ask that the set be rechristened "Head for the Guns"? :)

Re: Re: best so far ?

will the turks be released as a separate set - i would buy lots of turks - but not in a multiset box

Re: Re: Re: best so far ?

Same here.

Re: Re: Re: Re: best so far ?

Yes I think its easier to go back for more and more when you can have a slice of teh cake.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: best so far ?

hi to all..

at last I want to thank strelets for producing those lovely little Turks as being the only Turk in this forum.
Seljuk Cavalry was a sell out in Hannats.Please make a small set rather than big one. So we can buy lots of them.Please dont be afraid producing turkish set anymore.They will sell.
I also want to thank hank and murat for their support on turkish sets.

thanks FIRAT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: best so far ?

Well said, Firat. I'll also buy lots of them for a number of conflicts.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: best so far ?

Greetings Firat , Good to hear from you and its very exciting that teh Turkish Inafntry will be represented in teh Strelets Crimean War Range.

These look great figures and i will need 1,200 CW Turkish Infantry figures just to match my CW Russian Infantry (not including CW Cossack inf and CW Russian Grenadiers).Artillery and cavalry conversions will be possible as well so yes its an exciting time ahead.

I strongly think these figures will be a sell out also, if only they produce in singular box instead of just big wishes hank

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: best so far ?

thanks for the reply hank.I just want to inform that zvezda Turkish cavalry is also out of stock on hannats. please strelets make them in small boxes.they will sell!

Re: 903 - Thin Red Line

I would certainly like to see more Turkish troops for WW1 in particular Cavalry...