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Re: Possible Strelets releases in 2009

Andrew where is your website ?

You say you are first acting president now you say you are treasurer. So that iss good tell me you will invest in this project up front for covering molds and box art work.?

What figures you suggest to make inf cav artillerie of both sides is big project.Maybe you can tell me which russians fight in spain.

Milan/Lombardia is the isp address no mistake(odd for uk governmnet. I think here we have teh lone strelet figure in the box ,no ?

Re: Re: Christiaan

I think this guy does not like me .He sems to be pushy with his stuff and not want to parlez with forum people.Maybe i think he is liking Nationalists too much.

Re: Re: Re: Christiaan

I thought Andrew had socialist sympathies? The ip thing is strange though.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Christiaan


Nice to come across a fellow aficionado. Since you think that I have a Republican bias and Hank thinks that I an inclined towards the Nationalists I think I have lived up to one of the principles of the Spanish Civil War Society.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Christiaan

Andrew, What about teh principle to make a website ?
And share things like opionions tips and information like we do on this website. Otherwise your society maybe under achieving its potential.Most good hobby people meet here all countries and many pass thru.Why teh dinosaurism no website that sucks.