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Re: Cryptic Grenadiers

Inkerman , the British Grenadiers Gardes defended the famous " Sandbag redoubt" ,maybee just maybee.that they are part of the big box ? no ? if it could be.

Or is teh rumour control doing inside my cranium doing overtime ...?
or Maybe Strelets are being cryptic David.

I am jsut happy that teh super russian figures will be able to oppose their arch enemies the Turks.
I buy more strelets russian inf figures today when i hear good news.Also emhar artillery.

I agree taht campaign figures look tons better than parade ground toy soldiers. So i'd like to see some
figures in greatcoat (mini box ideal as we have plenty command figs)

Th turkish INFANTRY set is the catalyst set to kickstart CW for reasons mentioned above threads.But also opns up the early and latter parts of the war away from the crimean peninsula.

time to buy up more strelets rouskie sets and emhars artillery....

Re: Re: Cryptic Grenadiers

Great news about next year's sets! I'll be especially looking forward to the CW big box set with the Turks.

Re: Strelets plans for next year

GNW big boxes sound great, can't wait.

Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year