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Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year .......yeehah

WOW .....This is marvellous news Strelets.

Now We have the complete Charge of teh Light brigade battle plus the Thin Red Line, ahem turks supporting the Highland men ...of course. Awesome. Then withe the French cavalry we can make teh Eupatoria Battle The Turkish with european officers and teh much contested sEige of Kars.Also the 1853+ balkan conflicts .

Bravo Strelets.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Dear Strelets, I am very happy to hear that you are producing some Medieval Russian sets, can you give us any clues as to what they will be? Thanks

Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Dear Strelets,

as you are in the planning may I suggest the missing sets for the Crimea?

British and French foot- and horseartillery as well as siege artillery (big box Sed Sevastopol)
British Guards (mini-set)
British infantry in greatcoats Inkerman (mini-set)
Sardinians, Greek volunteer, Russian Caucasian corps. French line cavalry. I think then you have covered the whole war beside such exotics as allied Naval-troops, Polish legions etc.
In case I can help with uniform-material, please let me know.

As for Romans I would like to see figures for the late second and third century, something still not covered in figures.

Russo-Turkish war 1877 would be a dream of mine!!!


Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Glad to hear that you are going to extend the Medieval Russians - what we really need is tha lighter auxiliary stuff ie woodsmen and Svoi Pogyane.

Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

thank you for response, it is very nice to know that you plan to make russian medival, it would be great to see some post-mongol russian/XV-XVIAD/but I am still not happy that you are not going to make Byzantines, I wonder why?it is a great subject ! as far as for wwII it would be good if you make ,croatians, slovac infantry or some bulgarians


Re: Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Dear Jerzy,

to the best of our knowledge, Orion are going to produce some sets for the Byzantine Empire.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

yes, but Orion Byzantines will be XII-XV , where as I would like you to make VIII-XI AD/dark age/, this subject still has no representation in 1/72 and it is very intersting ! Anyway it is great that you plan to make medival russians and I hope that you will relise early WWII soviet infantry/1936 helmet/


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Dear Jerzy,

visit our site regularily, you may have surprises in future.
Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Dear Strelets,

It is nice to hear it, the only thing I would like to add is there is no representation of Romans wearing colus helmet/Octavian- Tiberian period/

Re: Strelets plans for next year

Glad to be proved wrong. Great to hear from you Strelets. I see no mention of any future Crusader sets for next year, is that line finished or are their more surprises in store like the set of crossbow men?

Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year

Wieh, al good news! (especially the GNW big boxes)
WW2 also sounds very good:) My I suggest ww2 Hungarians, Romanians (those hat guys are awful, I converted all of them), Russian scouts in camosuits, British comando's, Italians, etc etc.



Re: Re: Re: Victoriana military extravaganza

My CW "to die for "notes are
>French Mule Ambulance,(ZOUAVE)
> british Mule ambulance
> muletrain(generic for all campaigns) be big seller
> Small Russian Baggage wagon ,2 horse
> tartar wagons,
> balaclava railway cart and pullman horses.
> Redoubt(1-4) models
> True 1/72 Galleon(version man of line, option
>transport((sub options
> horse,coal,troopship,or Steamships ,
> options.)).

Remember , remember

Dear all

There are two dates British people remember:

one is the year 1066 but nobody remembers the date

the other is the 5th November but nobody remembers the year.

Inkerman had the misfortune to fall on November the 5th. I would like to think that instead of celebrating an obscure botched attempt at regicide we celebrate one of the greatest victories of the British army (and her French ally ) with fireworks and bonfires.
British; 8,500 men and 38 guns; French; 7,500 men (most as reinforcements) and 18 guns; Russian; 42,000 men and 134 guns. Not only did they hold their positions but they defeated the Russians.

Uwe's suggestion of Crimean war British infantry in greatcoats could also include Guards in greatcoats. Maybe the set of Russian infantry is in short supply now but an Inkerman set including the RA's 18 pdrs would be excellent.

for Hank
I hear the sound of "Mule Train" clippety clop. Let's hope so.


Re: Cryptic Grenadiers

Inkerman , the British Grenadiers Gardes defended the famous " Sandbag redoubt" ,maybee just maybee.that they are part of the big box ? no ? if it could be.

Or is teh rumour control doing inside my cranium doing overtime ...?
or Maybe Strelets are being cryptic David.

I am jsut happy that teh super russian figures will be able to oppose their arch enemies the Turks.
I buy more strelets russian inf figures today when i hear good news.Also emhar artillery.

I agree taht campaign figures look tons better than parade ground toy soldiers. So i'd like to see some
figures in greatcoat (mini box ideal as we have plenty command figs)

Th turkish INFANTRY set is the catalyst set to kickstart CW for reasons mentioned above threads.But also opns up the early and latter parts of the war away from the crimean peninsula.

time to buy up more strelets rouskie sets and emhars artillery....

Re: Re: Cryptic Grenadiers

Great news about next year's sets! I'll be especially looking forward to the CW big box set with the Turks.

Re: Strelets plans for next year

GNW big boxes sound great, can't wait.

Re: Re: Strelets plans for next year