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Re: Granadieri museum in Rome

I live in Rome and visited this museum years ago...Ceratinly not the best one...The Bersaglieri museum instead is far more interesting with a lot of weapons and uniforms....WW1, colonial ecc....for what i remenber this diorama about Adua was a very simple and crude table, more or less with an arid type landscape, certainly not depicting a particular feature of Adua battlefield of which i pratctically read everything, and above all with few minis which did'nt give the atmosphere of the battle. Take into account also that this very amatorial diorama was made more than 20 year least...and both Italian regulars, Italian askari and Abbissynian warriors were simply made out of very crude conversions of ESCI ACW, Muslim warriors and Zulus trying to depict Ethiopians and British Zulu War redcoats just painted with a coat ok kaki to represent our cacciatori btg....and the whole thing give the impression to be apparently made by a child of seven!!! sorry to have broken you enthusiasm...but, being also a modeller, wargamer and colonial fan, i had that sort of time years ago, this ammount of badly painted plastic minis called diorama.

Re: Re: Granadieri museum in Rome

Hi Pier,

thank you for your honest description of the diorama. For me the ideas of conversions would be interesting, when I am right I've seen Honkong Japanese converted to Askaris?

Do you have a link to the Bersaglieri museum? Some day I hope to make a tour through Italy to work up all the museums there. in the past I made it just to Lake Garda and Venice (where are a lot of interesting museums too).

Thanks for your help here.


BTW, have you made an Italian colonial diorama or figure-conversions as you are a colonial fan too?

Re: Re: Re: Granadieri museum in Rome

Hello Uwe

In reality i do not make diorama like your splendid ones but just convert and paint minis to play wargame ..but i do an enormous research before..i only play historical battles with true well detailed maps and TOE..and my favourite field of reaserach is, of course, colonial Unfortunatly for this period i do it only in 25/28mm metal..and i restrain myself to convert everything in plastic like i did for other periods.You'll be amazed to know that among colonial armies and favourite ones are French AEF, French AOF and...above all Deutsche Ost Afrika and South West one...if only i was able to read also German:-) ...In Italy they are a lot of interesting but quite neglected museums..splendid ones about WW1 in Rovereto, Marmolada, Trieste ecc..In Pinerolo Cavalry Museum, in the North of Italy, you can find some colonial stuff including Dervish flags and equipment captured by Italians at Agordat and Rome there is a beautiful diorama in the Museum of Roman Civilisation that you really would appreciate (i've seen the picts of your chef d'oeuvres on the subject)...some nice other museums are the Carabinieri (a sort of Feldpolitzei used often as first line troops) one, the Bersaglieri, the Pigorini Museum with Ethiopian costumes..While in the cellar..yes the cellar! of the Italian Institute for African Studied. ...closed to public from the late 50's ...there is an enormous collection of weapons, flags, splendid battle pictures from Colonial times..that, for absurd "politically correctly" reasons and for lack of funds are deteriorating there and no one care to expose or talk about this splendid material...i went once, during my University study period, after having succeed, for the purpose, in picking up and "corrupting" a secreatry girl working there :-)))..and we walked in a dark room on a carpet of Dervish swords, martini henry,remington rolling blocks and abbyssinian the bronze cannons of Adwa!...
hope it are the URLs of Bersaglieri museums:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Granadieri museum in Rome

Hi folgore,

you may be surprised, but painting figures and building dioramas is my second hobby. The more important for me is uniformology and historical research. So having a good research and right uniforms on a diorama is very important for me too.

Maybe we should help each other with uniform-material etc?

In case you need some translations from German texts, let me know. Two month ago I translated some German texts for the Boxer-Rebellion to an English friend who wants to publish a book about it.
There are some very nice German books about our colonial wars, battle reports etc. We had our "Adowa" or "Isandlwhana" too if you like so. In the 1890ies the Wa-He-He destroyed a complete German column with nearly 300 Askaris.

I visited Rovereto and Sant Martino as well as Solferino museum last year. Where exactly is the Pinerolo cavalry museum?

Hey I've seen a lot of cellars in museums too, but never had a "corrupt" girl with me I must say Italy sounds really interesting for me. MAybe the next hobby-tour (there are two each year) is going to Italy.

If you like send me your postal address and I can send you a CD with interesting German colonial material (and Italian too if you like, but I fear you have much more than me).


And - thanks for the links!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Granadieri museum in Rome

Hello Uwe
i wrote you a message that you can find in your mail