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Re: Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

I believe we all had this discussion a while back, where I lamented about the dearth of decent Austrian Napoleonic Infantry, particularly those wearing the raupe kasket helmet, in use until the close of the 1809 campaign. Somebody mentioned art miniaturen in Germany, and their site is well worth a look.Although their Austro-Hungarian infantry are depicted with the shako, the poses are exciting and useful and I just wondered if anyone has ordered anything from this company.Question: how large are the figures from foot to eye level? This info would be a real help before ordering.Thanks! p.s. their artillery pices, especially the French, are unquestionably the best I've seen in this scale. Dont be confused with some domestic art deco site of the same name...look for the title 'Homepage ' on your web search list. Cheeers, Don