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time to plan a Big Box Norman super-set?

Hat's announcement to complement Strelets' magnificent Norman series will force me to field an even larger Norman force. A mighty Norman army it will be. My Normans demand a strong King to lead them into battle. They want a Strelets' Big Box set or they threaten to go on a raid.

I could envision:
- the Norman Royal family
- a municipal court
- a hunting scene
- several Dukes and Barons
- a Norman priest or two
- Norman merchants

Re: time to plan a Big Box Norman super-set?

Dear Jan

Don't forget to include a Stormin Norman as well.

Seriously, most of the sets so far have been geared to the Battle of Hastings and your suggestions envisage a welcome and wider theme.


Re: Re: time to plan a Big Box Norman super-set?

a big box set would be nice, with personalities, some civilians, nobles, churchmen, sailors, relaxing soldiers, prisoners, in fact a dark age equivalent of you superb medieval Britain.



A Norman dream

If all manufacturers were to work together on this and we saw (in addition to existing and already announced sets):

- Strelets give us the Royal Norman Big Box set and in addition to this, Normans before battle, Normans on the march, light Norman infantry advancing and a Norman camp.

- Orion give us Norman siege troops

- Zvezda give us a Norman Keep

Re: A Norman dream

yeah! dreams are good things. so dream on babe...