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Re: Re: New Soldiers

That's good news, Frank.

Your GERMAN figures' sculpting is excellent, and if they're made in a good plastic, I'm sure all your output will be highly popular among collectors and sell like hotcakes.

Always the discussion about GERman plastic...

This arguments for your poor plastic are really senseless. Waiting four years to get a mould of the "ordinary" style is something I can't understand. Companies like Strelets, HAT, Italeri etc. bringing new sets without waiting four years.

Of course we can glue your plastic, as we can glue all the other plastic sets too when they broke. And here is the difference:

HAT - doesn't break
Strelets - doesn't break
Italeri - the old silver one sometimes, the new one not in my collection.
Emhar - Breaks sometimes (around 2%)
Zvezda - Breaks very often (around 10%)
BUM "old" plastic - doesn't break
GERman - around 50% of the figures arrived broken in the first sets, no it is down to 25%.

So still GERman is the worst plastic in my eyes and the most expensive figures on the market. Some metals are cheaper. But don't worry, as a collector I buy all your sets. But just one...

I would suggest ask Strelets how they do their moulds and I would be happy to buy more of your sets then. As others said before, your sculpting is great!