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Re: Re: Re: Re: New Soldiers

These figures look very good. Please use the old (strong) plastic that you used for La Legion, Republican Army and Republican Militia. I really want to expand my Spanish Civil War Armies! Thanks.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Soldiers

Indeed, please use the old plastic. The new plastic makes me want to stop collecting BUM's figures for good...

Re: Re: Re: New Soldiers

Hello Frank,

Could you help explain why both B.U.M. and German are producing some excellent figures but, in a very fragile plastic and why they can not use a more tradional robust plastic?

Re: Re: Re: Re: New Soldiers

because they dont want them to sell.thats the only thing i can figure.


Re: New Soldiers

Dears sir,
we wish let you know that this national army is the last one done in "old" plastic, due the fact that we can not wait 4 years that a opuld can be done, and with any posibility of control about include the sculpting.

even pasts of the mentioned new sets 5005 and 5100 are done in spanish palstic brown.

and from now ALL our new sets with own figures designs will be done like this.

you are only aslking for new things and a traditional moulding do not permit this for their time-cost , only our perisables moulds allow this.

we was already adviced this on our fisrt set, I will repeat for the news.

my best warm regards to anyone on this marvelous mini world.

frank domingo



Just to inform all of you, that our plastic contain rubber and is the similar the used by Barszo reputed co, in usa for their pretty sculpet figs in 1/32, the difference is that we are added some compound for do more flexible the figs,guns in order to not brokerage, the Barszo figs almost the 70% of the figs arrives broked to the customers and anyone claim.

addionally with our change of composition to do them less fragile, we are add a compost that accept that ANY glue on market you can use for stuck any part broked or able to you change poses without the problems that you have in ALL others markers of the world !.
also referesh you that our injection system is hand done and means for just an example that after each inyection of plastic the mould must be opened and taked figure per figure by hand.
(this is identically machinery from the US)

of course we are not only talking for just a diorama makers if not also for a full armies makers and gamers.

and all our sets are numbered one per one.

whising that this help you a bit, our best regrds to anyone that trust in our looking to do new things that others do not are able to do.

till the next releases......... for mid october

POV 72300 Finnish Army 1939 winter war
GM 0030 Tyrolean army napo wars

Re: Re: New Soldiers

That's good news, Frank.

Your GERMAN figures' sculpting is excellent, and if they're made in a good plastic, I'm sure all your output will be highly popular among collectors and sell like hotcakes.

Always the discussion about GERman plastic...

This arguments for your poor plastic are really senseless. Waiting four years to get a mould of the "ordinary" style is something I can't understand. Companies like Strelets, HAT, Italeri etc. bringing new sets without waiting four years.

Of course we can glue your plastic, as we can glue all the other plastic sets too when they broke. And here is the difference:

HAT - doesn't break
Strelets - doesn't break
Italeri - the old silver one sometimes, the new one not in my collection.
Emhar - Breaks sometimes (around 2%)
Zvezda - Breaks very often (around 10%)
BUM "old" plastic - doesn't break
GERman - around 50% of the figures arrived broken in the first sets, no it is down to 25%.

So still GERman is the worst plastic in my eyes and the most expensive figures on the market. Some metals are cheaper. But don't worry, as a collector I buy all your sets. But just one...

I would suggest ask Strelets how they do their moulds and I would be happy to buy more of your sets then. As others said before, your sculpting is great!