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Re: Re: WW1 Austrians

I suspect, but the pict seems unclear, that the majority of those infantrymen are wearing anklets..which were in fact discarted quite soon in favour of later periods picts always show Austrian infantry in puttees. If you want to make conversions..for ex substituting hats with steel helmets or fez (from Hat Egyptian Camel Corps)for Bosnian infantry...anklets are wrong. Finally, being an Italian and having already an Italian WW1 1/72 Army (few horrible Waterloo 1815 infantry plus my own produced and designed metal 20mm Italians 1915 from my former Italwars range) i would like to field those Austrians against them..And always, in Italian Alpine Front, Austrian mountain troops (Landeschutzen, Kaiserjagers ecc...) wear, from the beginning of the war, puttees not anklets. Did somebody have more news on this forthcoming set or is somebody able to see better than me the pictures of those masters?
Pier Paolo

Re: WW1 Austrians

There does seem to be something not quite right there early war uniforms... late war mg...


Re: WW1 Austrians

Folgore makes a very interesting point. In late pictures of A-H storm troops, all are wearing puttees to below the knee. In slightly earlier ones some are wearing a shorter puttee (about 1/3 of the calf), some jackboots, and Alpine troops are wearing long socks to below the knee.

Re: Re: WW1 Austrians

Yes W. tou're absolutly true......Mountain troops appearance is very interesting...i also asw pictures of military guides/high mountain specalist companies (like the famous Sepp Innerkofen (sorry for my spelling)with coloured/checkered socks ..clearly civilian fashion sported by the Alpine guides of those times. My opinion, if i was not wrong in detecting the masters shown in the gallery that anklets are an error. AH infantry of the period, above all if clad with generic long coat and in the field, should be in puttees. Miniatures represented in anklests (like the Hat ones) are really less useful and almost inappropriate. they could be used in the firsts months of Russian Austrian campaign..but also in this case..i'm not convinced about such an appeareance in the perhaps, Strelets designer should correct in time the error. A second element is that the planned Honved cavalry appeared to be, according to Strelets master shown in picture, with helmet. Sorry for my critics..maybe i'm wrong..but could be better to correct in time small errors of a set which seem to be very promising as regard to sculpting and choice of subject.