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Romean legion befoure battle

is this set wort to get bacause yes there are some figures that are bossible to use in roman fort as guards but there are also some fuigures that are not usefoul example man wihoput helmet or man who is butting his helmet on or man waving sword on his rigth

Re: Romean legion befoure battle - my answer

The question shoudln't be is it worth getting it, but rather, where can you still find this set?

Several dealers have already sold out on this set and just with luck I was able to snatch up the last copy at another one.

Regarding the guy without helmet, he's one of my most favorite figures. You could use him as Optio, the NCO who usually stood behind the lines, or a whole bunch of them standing together could pray to Mars,Mithras or the Christian God before battle. It is my understanding that people in most countries still take of their hat (or helmet) when in prayer.

Either way, if you don't buy the set soon, you'll probably miss out on it. Good luck finding it on ebay in a few years!

Re: Romean legion befoure battle

the problem was that i orderd romans in march and got this insteed...

Consider yourself lucky!

You need the whole Strelet's Roman range anyway to build a nice army. Trust me, when you have a whole bunch of them next to each other and look at them, you will be in awe.