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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Its back to math class

Too bad you guys moved a bead on the wrong bar.

Figure sets
On foot(irrespective of rank)
on horse(irrespective of rank)

(command was not even a string)

try my abbacus ..are you honest maybe just eager only to personally criticise me, or too lazy to configure your own.Is of no consequence to me .

It is an old Westpoint lecture.Statistics can be presented multitude of ways, thats why.. i asked for YOUR for those too lazy, i deem those responses as intellecutual deficient in mathamatical ability from lesser educated competents.

of course the main statistic/argument is teh result, and how tHAT is achieved can be differing.

But its over a hundred strelets sets and instead of praising strelets for that milestone passing, you guys seem to throw down negative notes.I pity you.

My result is almost inf/foot cav/horse 1:1 ratio and both 50:1 for artillery.there is teh main issue. You can break it down as you wish but teh ratio or percentile you find will be fairly close.

on comparative paralell statistics with other manufacturers see how teh result/answer deviates.
Quite an obvious answer ,but its just fun and analytical data nothing more. Who cares who wins dudes.

My own opinion artillery are veteran class, mathematical in approach for battleplan,mathematical for ammunition logistics.huge Support for soldier regiments etc. So why are there so few sets made?.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Its back to math class

He hank, take it easy, I just wondered, not in a thousand years any offence meant. I totally forgot the acw command set. And indeed it is great, those + 100 sets in 10 years.