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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: think outside the toy soldier box.

Yes Donald , I think there should be more emphasis on NCO's postures/poses and seen to be going "monster raving bonkers" at their men in teh ranks .

NCO's(hard flat nosed ugly looking b'stards (think thats in teh Oxford english Australian,west edition) in battle then would be competing like semaphore flags for aggrssive verbal and hand signals.An NCO would not just point...(hahaha ..pardon cant hear what he is saying said the rookie) he'd really look like having the hernia to get the job done. Shoving pushing kicking wounded out the way grabbing shell shocked stunned rookies pushing into the gaps.For the love of the job of course...

My training team kicked the living kraap out of us in the 70's as that was before tree hugging and verbal abuse etc was invented.


The musket is on the left side to allow the lock to not ride against the body.
Last weekend in Virginia at 104 degrees I must admit we changed arms on the march quite a bit from the "shoulder" to the "support" and to the "advance" (in the right hand) to help the troops survive.
David M

Re: Drill

dave, i know the feeling got the callouses, I always seemed to get teh er..."honor"(too heavy for teh buddies) of carrying the team machine gun .Then when i eventually knew what i was doing, and understood everything else that was going on, a few thousand foot mile patrol ops and 2 years later, i got the (look up that western australian oxford english dictionary i mentioned above )back breaking korean war reject "mike fox" frequency dial radio set.chuckel .

Re: Re: Drill

Hi Hank:
Once with a Cdn Forces 25 set (Korean War vintage)straped to my back, I went through the ice on snowshoes. It is hard to swim with one of those on your back. I can fully understand your feelings about carrying kit.
David M

Re: Re: Re: Drill

hah thats are a "Polar Bear Club" member then.I did very simialr on a survival course.That put me off ice cube in my drinks for life.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Drill

Having shared that experience training in Arctic Norway, I have to say it didn't put me off ice cubes in drinks. It just put me off falling into freezing water while carrying my own weight in military kit.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Drill

Ian another polar bear club member, Funny i thought you guys like your beer warm.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Drill

That's our southern neighbours, the English, you're thinking about. Scots prefer their lager cold. And plentiful.