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Re: Re: Re: Its arrived in Germany

Dear Strelets,

don't worry I will get it next week. And if not, I found another source for it which will work
So I hope to send your copy over in July.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Its arrived in Germany

the copy i sent will and does work .

Tip i found out the hard way.

Save time NOW and Check your api media player is set up before you get it.My hitch was ONLY finding teh tick box within teh configuration for Windows Vista version 11 of media Player .I hate the Hewlett Packard wrap around krap and microsoft automatic update features .they take your machine over when trying to find stuff .At last i find were to shee-it can those things.I have a compaq prsario f767nr notebook pc with the" fool monty".Thats why i just downloaded the freebie api software and ran the movie so i could send you next day after receiving of plans go wrong.customs suresuck.

enjoy the movie ....

ps now where are the rudddy turks chuckle