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Thanks David!

Re: Suggestions for future Romans

Dear Strelets
I'm not sure if I've ever been to Exeter(Isca Dumnoniiorum) but ive been to many other Old Roman towns in Britain... If you really want Roman though you should visit Carlisle and Hadrians wall there you will find the greatest number of roman military sites and Museums in Britain.. Definatly worth going to....its difficult though to travel round england without stumbling on something Roman including the roads....The British Museum in london is worth a visit if your there, but you will need plenty of time for it....
Colchester (Camulodunum also known as Colonia Victricensis founded by Claudius, its his temple the castles built on)has good roman remains and a fairly good museum in the Norman Keep Built by William and is the biggest in england even bigger then the tower of london..
However I now live across the Rhine somewhere in Barbarian territory where rome never went and roman names mean little.....and the talk is more of the Varus Schlacht and slaughter of the Legions...


Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat

Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat?....


Re: Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat

greetings to ironsides from the land of the cherusker, I can´t wait for next year, 09.09.09.Did Arminius have the date in mind ?? (though I still think Herr Clunn isn´t 100% correct)

Re: Re: Die Varusschlacht...Romes greatest defeat

Greeting Paul, I think the actual date in the year is unknown but must have been during the campaign season say april to october 9ad.. september is getting a little late I think and I would say its more likely the main event happened earlier in the year...Im certainly not convinced by the story on this site..

If varus was operating in "friendly" territory as this suggests would he have taken 3 complete legions plus auxiliarys with him, this would be enormously difficult to supply and probarbly not justified and would most likely be seen as beligerent by the local population...
This would make a good army on the march and battle Big box set and would probarbly sell well in Germany next year....

"Varus and the battle in the Teutoburger wald" set1 the army marches forth.

heres a link to a very good map detailing Roman sites in Britain notice the number of "temporary" marching forts..unfortunatly I know of nothing similar for germany yet...

look around the site you might suprised at the extent of the knowledge..